Wren’s new Title graphic


I find I’m better at drawing on paper than on a screen, although the tablet is still good for coloring in the resulting pic.

Wren is one of those tiny women who will be carded long after her hair turns gray. One might assume she has a Napoleon complex, but her attitude is really the result of trying to live up to her brothers, Javic and Jay.


The Ten-Year overnight success

For those following this blog (hi mom!), you may have noticed that there’s not really anything going on.

Which is not quite true. It takes a lot of time to build worlds, design stories, and build a fan base. I intend to make my living writing fun stories and fun games. But it won’t happen right away.

When the stories start coming out, the site and its follower (hi mom!) will already be here. Each story will draw more people, and each person will draw more people.

Here’s my plan: I’m going to write an awesome novel for Nanowrimo 2017, I’m going to put that novel up on Amazon for 99¢, and a ton of my fellow nerds, geeks, and assorted anime and fantasy fans will download it, read it, and love it. But that successful launch almost eleven months in the future begins now, when I don’t have any readers, and my fans consist of a couple of cousins, a brother, and my wife.

Step one was establishing my existence online. Step two starts in February, when I release my first short stories after learning Stenotype via Plover… I’ve taken a week off from my day job to try and get up to my current typing speed.

It takes time to build content. By March, I want to start really drawing a crowd of people I who will love my work, and I need to have the foundation of this site already established when I do. So, the stated goals of this site aren’t going to be fully online until then… but at that point, they had better be online.

Nearly every overnight success you’ve heard of happened over the course of several years. In a way, I’m aiming to speed up the process and have an overnight success after only a year of hard work.

On the other hand, I’ve been honing my writing craft since I could put pen to paper, so if my evil plan works out, one might call me a fifteen-year overnight success.

If you’re reading this, thanks for helping build my foundation. And, as always, be awesome!


One of the things I want to use this site for is to track the lore of my books and world, with a ‘members only’ section that has tons of maps and extra stories. The members’ section will be free.

Here’s an example of lore that applies to stories and games set in Theria, Pendra, and AVATAR.


The groob is sort of the generic cannon-fodder therian. In games, it stands still or hops around slowly, and takes only one hit to kill. While groobs look and behave in similar fashions, however, they are not a single therian species. There are at least three, associated with three genus genes.

  1. Bug Gene dominant groobs serve as larvae for most insectoid therians.
  2. Shroom Gene dominant groobs serve as the hatchling form of many fungal therians.
  3. The Slime Gene is the result of a failed attempt to create Glymr via mystic arts, and groobs with a pair of Slime Genes serve as the basis for evolution trees that mirror gelatinous cubes, slimes, and jellies from other fiction worlds. Slime Genes are super-recessive, acting as a copy of the other species gene when not paired with another Slime Gene with the exception of the Glymr Gene, which recedes even beyond the Slime Gene.

Despite the three major groob varients, the appearance on the bottom-right is most prevalent. It is difficult to know which type of groob you are dealing with without further evidence — e.g. there’s a good chance it’s a bug groob if you found it in a Vermic hive.

Groob Evolution

Groobs often undergo mitosis while evolving to their next stage. Fungal and slime groobs will have a percentage chance of evolving into two identical individuals provided there is room in their environment to do so. Female bug groobs will often evolve into a matched pair — e.g. a pair of scouts, a pair of soldiers, or a princess and a soldier.

Groobs are also known to evolve sooner than other therian hatchlings.

Sentinel Usage

Sentinels rarely bond groobs, preferring more powerful therians. Those that do cite the earlier evolution, mitosis, and the ability of some adult Groob forms, like Vermic Queens, to reproduce at an accelerated rate. Simply put, if you want to assemble a large army of therians quickly, bonding a groob is an excellent first step.